31 Oct

NZ Olive Oil Makes Unwanted Food Miles List

A boutique olive oil is the latest New Zealand product to be singled out in Britain as environmentally unfriendly because of the so-called food miles, or amount of fuel it takes to get it to market.

Hawke’s Bay olive producers The Village Press is listed today in Britain’s Guardian newspaper as one of ten eco-crimes because of the air miles used to transport the oil to Britain.

New Zealand kiwifruit has been the subject of similar claims.

The Village Press owner Wayne Startup says in fact the oil, like kiwifruit, is transported by ship and its production is environmentally sound.

He says the claim is typical of European efforts to protect their own markets and he will be complaining to the newspaper.

He says he will also send a copy of the article to the government which has vowed to rebut any claims that New Zealand imports are environmentally suspect.

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