07 Nov

California: Olive oil marketers emphasize freshness

  • New technologies being used
  • Lowers labor costs, speeds processing

Fresh is the word when it comes to a new marketing push for California olive oil.

The freshness campaign starts on the farms where growers are using updated technology to plant more olive trees per acre and to prune the trees to a height permitting them to be harvested by machine.

“It allows us to harvest the crop very, very quickly. That means we can harvest an entire acre of olives in less than an hour,” says Alan Greene, vice president for the California Olive Ranch in Oroville. “Normally, it would take 40 people an hour to do that. We can do it with just two people.”

That same technology allows the oil to be produced faster, which insures a fresher taste than imported olive oil.

“We can speed the olives into the mill and have them crushed in less than 90 minutes,” Mr. Greene says. “That enables us to have a very fresh taste.”

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