15 Nov

Turkey Discusses Plans to Expand Olive Industry

Turkey is ahead of Europe in terms of olive consumption, yet falls behind developed countries in terms of olive oil use.

At a fair held in an effort to increase both the export and domestic consumption of olive oil, Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM) President Oguz Satici said, “We’re not even consuming as much olive oil as the amount put in Italian restaurants for promotional reasons.”

The yearly amount of olive oil consumed is nearly one kilogram per person in Turkey. The country is expected to be the world’s second-biggest olive oil producer within five years, Satici said.

“In order to be a national and international brand, the only thing we need is to use all our marketing means to position ourselves in Turkey and all over the world correctly.”

Speaking at a meeting held at the Istanbul Foreign Trade Complex, Satici said the domestic consumption of olive oil should increase as much as exports.

The fair, co-organized by the Turkish Association of Olives and Olive Oil, TIM and Ezgi Agency, will be held at the Istanbul World Trade Center Jan. 25-27.

The association’s board chairman, Metin Olken, said they set to work with an e-mail group on the Internet and would organize the Anodolive 2007 First Eurasian Fair and Congress for Olive and Olive Oil Processes.

“Our goal is to give Turkey’s olives and olive oil the place they deserve in the international market,” Olken said.

Purchasing delegations from Italy, Spain, the United States, China and European countries will be hosted during the fair with the support of Turkey’s Foreign Trade Undersecretary.

Culinary dishes prepared with olive oil will be exhibited, and a tasting panel and other activities will be held during the fair.

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