14 Jan

Pesto and Olives

I knew there was going to be a dinner – but had given no thought as to what it was going to be. I still knew that there was going to be a dinner because there is always a dinner.

There was a knock. It was at the door. The dog barked. He does that when there is knocking at the door. It was the neighbor from beyond the camellia hedge, bearing gifts of pesto and olives. Ah, I said ‘Pesto and olives, thank you’. I said a lot of other things too – but not relevant to the pesto and olives. The previous evening the neighbor from behind the camellia hedge and his wife had hosted our regular neighborhood catch up – always an excuse to open a few bottles of wine and share food with friends and neighbors. The pesto and olives were left unconsumed – and I was the lucky benefactor!


Dinner! It was to be pesto and olives. Too easy. I simply tossed some cooked pasta around in a couple of tablespoons of pesto, added the olives with a couple of rashers of crispy diced bacon, a sprinkle of ground black pepper and dinner was ready. A few shaving of extra parmesan would not have gone a miss – but the shopping fairy left parmesan off the shopping list. Perfectly matched with glass of chardonnay. All and all it was so easy I might repeat the process!

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