04 Feb

Aesop announces that it is launching its first olive oil product

By Sydia Littza Amirul Ihsan,

One afternoon, Australian beauty brand Aesop decides to launch its olive oil — good for such culinary uses as marinating or dipping of breads. While many may ask ’Why?’ Its reply is, ’Why not?’.

BEAUTY is never ever skin-deep. The recipe to beautiful skin goes beyond washing, toning and moisturising. It includes a whole lot of other activities such as sleeping, talking, exercising, eating, laughing and reading.

Beauty, really, is in how you live your life.

So when Australian beauty brand Aesop announces that it is launching its first olive oil product, a lot of glances were exchanged.

Not totally their fault, though, because for a long time, many women believed that good skin came from good skincare alone.

But this brand takes a more integrative approach in looking good. And rightly so. Just how do you expect to have beautiful skin if you do not look after what you eat?

“At Aesop, whenever we can consume an ingredient that we apply to the surface of our skin, we implicitly feel more comfortable using it,” says its founder, Dennis Paphitis.

“This is not the case with every ingredient we use but our first extra virgin olive oil is a wonderful example of skincare technology impacting on dietary decisions,and vice-versa.”

Olive oil, as many of us may know, contains monounsaturated fat which is good for the heart.

It also contains vitamin A, vitamin K, fatty acids and antioxidants.

Aesop fans are not the least surprised by this, I’m sure, because for the past eight years, Aesop tea has been served in Alexis, in Bangsar Baru and other branches.

In 2005, Paphitis and his team made Aesop Pinot Noir wine as a Christmas gift to families and friends. Aesop chocolate, Paphitis once said, is on the cards.

So, from Victoria’s northern Murray river region, the company gets the best olives crushed and filtered to its standards. Then it infuses steam-distilled extracts of lemon peel, coriander seed and ginger root.

The result, a perfectly blended, ready-to-use fragrant olive oil for drizzling, marinating, or simply for dipping of breads — preferably sourdough. It is packed in Aesop’s signature amber glass bottles.

Dhillon Ng, a chef at Alexis Bistro and Wine Bar, praises the oil for its zesty and gingery flavours.

“It goes very well with Australian haute cuisine where a lot of seafood and fish are used.”

A reminder though: Herb oil should not be reheated, otherwise it loses its flavour.

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