21 Feb

Back From Sicily, Bearing Olive Oil

By Florence Fabricant,

Frank Castronovo and Frank Falcinelli, the owners of Frankies 457 Spuntino in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn, right, and Frankies Spuntino on the Lower East Side, went shopping for oil last year — in Sicily. After tasting many varieties, they found a small family producer that could supply enough mellow oil from organic nocellara del Belice olives for them to sell tins of it with their own label.

The oil, which has earthy notes and a bright, spicy aftertaste, is cold-pressed and unfiltered, so it is a tad cloudy. It gives a warmly sleek finish to a plate of pasta. A liter is $16 to $19.95 at Faicco’s Pork Stores in Manhattan and Brooklyn, all Whole Foods in New York City, and at Stinky Bklyn in Carroll Gardens and Bierkraft in Park Slope, Brooklyn. It is $17.99 at the restaurants.

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