15 Mar

Olives as big as an egg will transform canapés

There have been black tomatoes, square melons and elephant garlic.

Now shoppers will be able to pick up olives the size of hen’s eggs.

The giant Bella di Cerignola, weighing up to three times a standard olive but with stones that are disproportionately small, will need something larger than a cocktail stick to spear and will do a better job at filling a gap than a standard canapé.

Ciao, Bella: the Bella di Cerignola weighs up to three times a standard olive but has stones which are disproportionately small

They account for less than 10 per cent of all olives grown.

When they arrive at Waitrose in May it will be the first time they have been available in the UK.

Sweet-tasting, the olives are grown in the Apulia region of Italy and were popular in the 15th century. Delicatessen buyer David Stone said: “We spent a great deal of time to ensure the best variety was sourced.”

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