21 Mar

Fort Lauderdale to host 2008 International olive oil festival

On March 8th and 9th of 2008 Fort Lauderdale will feel and taste even more like its overseas moniker, ‘The Venice of America,’.

Fort Lauderdale was compared with five other possible host cities and came out as the winning location based on: weather, strategic international business location, and a supportive response from the city and local sponsors.

The selected location for Olive Oil Fest 08 is the historic yet recently renovated War Memorial Auditorium. The auditorium is decorated with ornate marble and bronze and includes over 20,000 square feet of indoor exhibitor space, almost unlimited outdoor exhibitor space, and an elevated stage for live bands, performers, and ethnic dancers which will perform at the event. The auditorium is owned by the city of Fort Lauderdale so ticketing, security, parking etc will be handled by auditorium staff working with event promoters, exhibitors and performers.

Patrons to the event will be able to sample over 250 different brands of olive oil from several olive oil producing countries such as: Italy (along with Sicily and Sardinia) Greece, Spain, France, Morocco, Israel, Chile, Argentina, and the United States which produces most of its olive oil in California and smaller quantities in Arizona, Texas, and Florida.

Some popular brands present will include Barbera Frantoio, Olio Verde, Sicilian Gold, Ravida, from Sicily, Olevano from Italy, Tassos from Greece, Goya from Spain, IsRoil from Israel, Lucero from California, Olave from Chile and hundreds of others from olive the world. Free sampling will not be limited to olive oil as there will be tomato exhibitors, pesto, pasta, wine, vinegars, olives, tapas, Italian meats, olive oil cosmetics, breads, and organic foods from several different industries.

Entertainment will include ethnic music and dancers from every olive oil producing country i.e. Tango from Argentina, Belly dancers from the Mediterranean region, Latin folk dancing from Chile and Argentina, and of course as the sun goes down in the evening the stage will host some good ole Rock n Roll and Jazz from the United States. Other entertainment in the works includes an olive pit spitting contest, olive oil wrestling, an olive oil tasting competition, sales competitions, an organ grinder with a live monkey, an outdoor cigar aficionados area, recipe contests, book signings, cooking demonstrations and celebrity chef appearances.

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