21 Mar

extra-virgin olive oils from California’s Suisun Valley

By Marlene Parrish,

Just in at Pennsylvania Macaroni in the Strip District: Three extra-virgin olive oils from California’s Suisun Valley.

All the olives were grown using sustainable or organic practices and were picked just four months ago. Unfiltered, rich and fruity with a pungent finish, the oils are excellent for dipping and drizzling.

Storm Olive Ranch: Estate bottled, from varietal olive trees from Tuscany, and the first American recipient of L’Orciolo d’Oro medal in Italy and three-time gold medal winner at Los Angeles County Fair Olive Oils of the World (375 milliters for $16.95).

Katz Chef’s Pick: Two-time Los Angeles County Fair gold medal winner (750 milliliters, $16.99).

Katz Rock Hill Ranch: Organic and unfiltered, from Taggiasca, Casalive and Leccino trees (375 milliliters, $15.79).

Penn Mac’s David Sunseri says, “If you buy an olive oil from Italy, Spain or Greece, it’s been crushed, filtered, bottled and boxed, shipped to the pier, to the States, to a warehouse, to a wholesaler, and finally to a retailer, where it is held until the previous year’s oil is sold.

“These California olives were picked in mid-November, pressed in December and shipped directly to me in mid-February. That’s amazing. That’s fresh.”

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