22 Mar

Creamcheese Olive Men

by OliverCakery,

These Little Olive Men Always Give Your Guests Something To Talk About!

To Make The Guys You’ll Need:

20 Large Olives (Pitted)
20 Small Olives (Pitted)
1 Whole Carrot
1 Pkg Cream Cheese (Soften, Room Temp)


  1. Drane, Rinse and Dry olives.
  2. Cut A Slit From The Top To The Bottom (Forming The Opening For The White Tummy) On One Side Of Each Large Olive.
  3. Put Cream Cheese Into Baggie Or Icing Bag. Inject About 1 Teaspoon Of The Cream Cheese Into Each Olive.
  4. Using the Exsisting Hole, Inject A Small Amount Into The Small Olive (head).
  5. Slice The Carrot In 20, Quarter Inch circles. Cut A Triangle Notch Out (the Beak) And What Is Left Are His Feet!(It Helps To Cut A Slit Into The Before Putting The Beak In).
  6. Put The Large Olive, Hole Side Up, On A Carrot Slice. Then Give The Man A Head By Putting the Small Olive On The Large Olive. Make Sure That his Beak Is Infront (With The Cream Cheese Chest) And That His Feet Are In Line.
  7. Place Toothpick Through To Hold.

Tips: Party Toothpicks Make Great Hats.
Roasted Peppers Are Cute Scarfs.
Adding 1 Teaspoon Of Ranch Or Other Dry Flavoring Is GOOD

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