24 Mar

Lorenzo’s oil is a mix of acids from rapeseed and olive oil

A Devon woman whose family has a rare genetic brain disease is taking part in a US medical study using a substance featured in a Hollywood film.

Deirdre Corr from Exmouth, and her two sons, were diagnosed six years ago with adrenoleukodystrophy (ALD), for which there is no known cure.

Mrs Corr is participating in the study to see if Lorenzo’s oil can halt the progression of ALD symptoms.

Lorenzo’s oil is a mixture of acids extracted from olive and rapeseed oils.

Motor skills
The substance was featured in a film based on the true story of parents who developed the oil in their search for a cure for their son, Lorenzo.

It painted a fairytale picture of a miracle cure and its use subsequently became controversial.

But some studies have shown that it does appear to prevent illness in those whose genes make them vulnerable to developing symptoms.

ALD affects eyesight and motor skills. Sufferers do not produce the enzyme that breaks down saturated, fatty acids in the brain, causing a build-up.

The condition affects about one in every 20,000 boys and is invariably fatal.

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  1. teresa Says:

    Where can I find rapeseed oil (edible) in the United States? My Mother has MS and I’ve read articles that rapeseed oil -Lorenzo’s oil- may help.


  2. Olives101 Says:

    Hi Teresa,

    Some info here:


  3. moe Says:

    im from lebanon,i have 3 cousins affected by ALD ( adenoleukodystrophia) and they need lorenzo oil. is thats te efficient treatment ?
    please give more details.
    they ae 7, 10 and 12 years old.
    please reply as soon as possible.
    thank you so much.

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