22 Apr

Palestinian Presses Produced 34,002 Tons of Olive Oil in 2006

The Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics (PCBS) stated Sunday that the total number of olive presses in the Palestinian Territory is 266, of which 246 are operating, while 20 are temporarily closed.

In a statistical report, to WAFA, on olives presses in the Palestinian Territory for the year 2006, PCBS said that the total quantity of pressed olives in 2006 is 159,059 tons, and quantity of extracted oil is 34,002 tons, compared with 6,790 tons of oil extracted from 27,310 tons of pressed olives in 2005.

PCBS mentioned that the highest quantity of extracted oil in 2006 was 6,811.5 tons from 32,032 of olive pressed in Jenin and Tubas Governorates, while the lowest quantity of extracted oil was 580.3 tons from 3,286.7 tons of pressed olive in Khan Yunis and Rafah Governorates.

It added that the extraction rate reached 21.4% in 2006, and 24.9% in 2005, and showed that Qalqilya Governorate had the highest percentage with 25.2% in 2006, while the lowest percentage of the extraction rate was in Gaza and Deir al-Balah Governorates with 15.5 % for the same year.

Regarding the working power, PCBS said that there is 1,595 person are employed in olive pressing activities in the year 2006, of which 68.7% are paid employees, compared with 611 were employed in 2005 out of them 59.7% as paid employees.

As for the compensation of paid employees the results showed that it reached 1,099.3 thousand US$ in the year 2006 compared with 283 thousand US$ in the year 2005.

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