10 May

Botswana: Mogae starts olive project

GABORONE – The first commercial olive tree project in the country is in operation at the Glen Valley Production and Training Farm (PTF). President Festus Mogae launched the operation by planting one of the envisaged 2 500 commercial olive trees.

The occassion coincided with the start of the National Master Plan for Arable Agriculture and Dairy Development (NAMPAADD) week, which ends on Friday.

Minister of Agriculture, Mr Johnnie Swartz said at the event that the government is committed to agricultural development as evidenced by interventions such as agriculture support schemes and investments in agricultural programmes.

He said the Glen Valley farm is one of four in the country and are part of a broader NAMPAADD implementation strategy.

The Glen Valley and Dikabea PTFs were specifically established to demonstrate the potential for commercial horticultural production which has been under exploited even within the limitations of water supply and land availability, Mr Swartz said.

The minister said under irrigated agriculture yields have increased from about 20 tonnes per hectare at the beginning of NDP 9 to about 37 tonnes per hectare currently.

The managing director of a parent company that planted the trees, Mr Ethan Ragther said they are active in over 20 developing countries around the world.

When we decide to invest in a country we look at the potential profits and risks and we are happy to have come here, Mr Ragther said.

He added that they were prepared and willing to invest in similar projects in the country.

Israels ambassador to Botswana, Mr Ilan Baruch said the quality of the countrys horticultural produce shows great potential.

He said the company is a worldwide leader in agriculture and that Botswana could not have made a better choice by partnering with the company.

The Israel company uses NAMPAAD technologies such as irrigation of vegetables with recycled wastewater.. It also engages in the production of new crops such as olives and cut flowers using recycled wastewater. BOPA

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  1. Meebelo Lubinda Says:

    My name is MR Meebelo Lubinda. I came across your website and I would like to congratulate you on the first commercial olive tree project at the Glen Valley Production and Training Farm.

    I have recently acquired a 50acres land in Barotseland , Zambia. I am Zambian and I am currently living in the UK. I have always had this passion in growing olives in my home village. On your website The Minister of Agricultural, MR Johnnie Swartz said the government is committed to agriculture development as evidenced by interventions such as agriculture support schemes and investments in agricultural programs.

    I have got the land and the manpower and you have the knowledge, is there a way we can work together on this project (commercial olive tree project in Zambia western Province)
    Please fell free to contact me via email or by phone.

    I would like to thank you for your time and I hope this is the start of a long and productive business relationship.

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