15 May

E-growing – a revolutionary new project

This e-growing system is an innovating tool created by Adozioni Bioalimentari Italy to include the plant kingdom into a distance adoption method. A plant can be followed through its entire process of growth via internet.

The project aims at consumers and professionals of the food business interested in the high quality of organic products. By this, they turn from passive to active users. All plants and their products are strictly obtained from organic farming and agriculture, certified by ICEA.

The consumer or professional has the opportunity to interact with farmers and growers cultivating the plant and processing, which means getting to know, watching and understanding what is happening.

The first project of this kind is dedicated to a rare extra virgin olive oil: www.adottaunuliveto.com. After a free registration, an activate distance adoption of an olive tree is possible. This tree supplies the olives which will be processed to extra virgin oil and delivered to one’s door. The “Silene Olio” will be available for purchase only to who adopted at least one olive tree.

The next e-growing project to be launched will be available soon at www.adottaunvigneto.com. Vines which are nearly extinct will be chosen to be revived thanks to the passion and dedication of a few vine growers.

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