16 May

Beyond Extra Virgin: Italo-Californian Olive Oil Conference

May 22-23, Tuesday and Wednesday — “Beyond Extra Virgin: Italo-Californian Olive Oil Conference” will bring together olive growers; olive oil producers, processors and marketers; food service providers and restaurateurs; and researchers and educators to discuss current practices and potential new innovations in producing and marketing consistently high-quality olive oils.

Experts and scientists will make recommendations for new standards in branding and promoting high-quality olive oils. A new organization, Association TREE, which promotes ethics, excellence and effectiveness in olive oil production, will be introduced. Talks, tasting, displays, posters and other opportunities for networking will be offered.

The conference, hosted by UC Davis’ California Institute of Food and Agricultural Research, will be held in Freeborn Hall. It is open to the public, with a registration fee of $125 for general admission and $25 for students. More information and registration is available online here

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