16 May

Olive Oil – The Green Gold of Spain

Some 95% of the world’s production of olive oil comes from the Mediterranean region. Many countries, notably France, Italy, Spain and Greece produce an amazing amount of olive oil. These countries has few reserves of black oil, but plenty of green oil!

Extra virgin is the type of olive oil that is most prized. The oil must have an acidity of less than 1% in order to meet the standard. A panel of expert tasters must also pass the oil as extra virgin before it is unleashed on the waiting world.

Olive oil has been described as the world’s healthiest food, and quite rightly too! In all parts of the Mediterranean you will find olive oil as a central part of every main meal. People simply look puzzled if you ask them why – they can’t imagine eating without it.

Of course, it’s not just the fine taste and its excellent cooking qualities that make olive oil so special. It has properties that help protect the heart and can help reduce excess cholesterol. It is also thought to possibly help to fight off breast and colon cancer. You don’t need a good reason to consume olive oil, but those reasons do make it a little bit more compelling. The Mediterranean people, of course, just eat it because they love it!

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