18 May

Our Heartfelt Love For A Heart’s Best Friend

olive oil bottleSales of olive oil have risen by almost 40% over the past five or so years. Olive oil is now the best selling oil of all, easily outstripping vegetable oils and other oils. This is good news. Not just because olive oil tastes so good, but because it has been proven to be better for us.

The diet of the Mediterranean people has long been recognised as being a healthy one. Olive oil has long been suspected of being the major cause. In more recent years medical science has confirmed this – olive oil is indeed an extremely healthy food, and it can help enormously to keep the heart pumping away for years to come.

Take a good long look at the people in countries like France, Spain, Italy and Greece. They are healthy, by and large. They eat olive oil – in huge quantities. They treat it like fine wines and savour the sheer magnificence of a good extra virgin. And of course, they seem to live longer with less health problems. Surely that alone is worth a little olive oil in your diet!

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