23 May

Looking After Your Heart With Olive Oil

We all know that too much of certain foods and drinks can cause accumulative damage to the heart over time. Fatty foods can clog the arteries and too much alcohol causes damage too. But this is a negative approach. For a change, let’s talk about the foods that actually are beneficial for the heart!

Interestingly, red wine falls into this category, though only if taken in moderation. Certain kinds of oily and fatty fish have also been proven to have beneficial properties, but the oiliest of them all, olive oil, is perhaps the best of them all when it comes to looking after you heart.

Of course, oilove oil on it own is not really enough. You need to use it as part of a healthy regime, but it is a major part of that regime if used properly. Monounsaturated oil is the primary oil source in olive oil. Regular use of olive oil in your diet can help to reduce your risk of heart disease, sometimes considerably so.

But if you really must have that fatty hamburger, then there’s some good news too. Olive oil can even help to break down the fats, but only if it is already part of your normal diet. So, consume lots of olive oil, and have the occasional hamburger – if you must. But after eating foods healthy cooked in extra virgin olive oil, who would want a greasy hamburger!

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