14 Jun

Olives, Olives, And More Olives…

There are a sheer dizzying array of olives available on the market these days. And if you think there are just green olives and black olives, you're right, but think again – it certainly is not that simple. The different olives from different parts are completely different in every way.

In the Italian riviera you will find the Ligurian olives. They are black, high in oil content and have a gentle sweet flavor. Another Italian olive is the Taggiasca. It is a small olive. In the south of Italy you will find the Gaeta, which is purplish brown colored. They make an excellent addition to any pizza. The Cerignola are large green olives, grown near Bari. They are also good on pizzas, or just as an appetizing snack.

In France you will find the Nicoise olive. They have a unique flavor despite their small size. A number of regional dishes in France depend on them. The Nyons olive is little known outside of the olive world. Mainly because they are hard to locate. They are regarded by many to be the tastiest olive around. The Picholine is an uncracked green olive. They have a nutty flavor with a suggestion if anise. They are well suited for cooking.

In Spain you will find the Gordal. This is a big fat green olive, very common in the south. The Manzanilla is a cracked brownish green olive with a slight nutty flavor, and the Arbequinas are small brown olives from the northeast of the country. Farga Aragon are black, almond-shaped and sweet. Their taste is distinctive and very succulent.

The Greeks have the Kalamatas, an olive with a blackish purple color. The Amfissa has the same color, but is sweet and smooth. The Thasos have a kind of meaty flavor, and the Nafplion, a green olive, has a nutty, almost a smoked flavor.

There are many other types of olives to be found, but these will at least give you a flavor of what is available. The bet way to get a flavor of olives, however, is to actually eat them!

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