27 Jul

Turkey: Drought hits olive production

Drought has hindered olive production in Balýkesir. Chamber of Agriculture Chairman Sami Sözat requested that olive producers receive drought support, saying that the chamber of agriculture in Balýkesir will apply to the prime minister’s office and ministry of agriculture for the aid.

Sözat considered the exclusion of olive producers from drought support unfortunate, since producers of grains like wheat and barley receive government aid.

“Grains, tomatoes and olives were seriously harmed this year. We used to harvest 500 kilograms of wheat per acre, and this year it is down to 70-80 kilograms. Olive orchards are seriously harmed as well and producers have faced big losses. In the gulf area, where there are about 10 million trees, there is a 50-60 percent decrease in the harvest. Why is olive production excluded while grain production is being encouraged? We urge the authorities to take action,” he said, adding that Balýkesir was among the cities that were severely affected by the excessive heat.

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