17 Sep

Tasty olive tapenade

By Henrie Geyser,

Sometimes it’s an absolute treat to come home from another long painful day at the salt mines, stop on the way for a bottle of wine and a fresh loaf of bread and then put something quick and simple together for dinner.

My wife and I lead fairly hectic, often separate, lives with lots of travel and away-from-home periods, and although I enjoy cooking we sometimes just go the easy route by buying a few simple things and serving them together for a delightful tapas-style meal.

And thank goodness for supermarkets and delis, because it takes just a few minutes to pick up a tub of hummus, some dolmades, a tasty chunk of cheese, a jar of pickles and a fresh-baked crusty bread.

These we spread out on the patio table and add whatever else we might feel like from the pantry cupboard.

But the one thing I absolutely adore eating and making is a tasty bowl of olive tapenade. It’s wonderful with bread and wine and really easy to make.

And all you need is:

  • A small tin of anchovy fillets
  • 260g of plump and juicy black calamata olives — pits removed and coarsely chopped.
  • 1 teaspoon of drained capers, rinsed and dried
  • 2 teaspoons of good olive oil.
  • A good grinding of black pepper and a dash of salt — (be careful because the anchovies are already salty).

Place the anchovy fillets, capers and olives in a blender and blitz for a minute or so and then add the olive oil and black pepper and process until almost smooth.
And that’s all it takes, honestly!
Serve with lots of fresh bread, plus some of the other dishes I mentioned above, and a fairly plain green salad (cucumber goes particularly well with olive tapenade).
Now all you need is the wine and the music…

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