03 Nov

120000 hectares of increase in world’s Olive cultivation

Every year 120 thousand hectares is added to the Olive cultivation areas in the world!

Translated By Aref Mohammadzadeh,

“Currently about 10 million hectares of farmlands is under Olive cultivation,” said Habib Al Seid, executive head of the International Olive Council (IOC), referring to the increasing cultivation area of Olive in the world.

“The main part of this area is for dry-farming while just 11 percent of the world’s Olive gardens is for water-farming,” he added.
“It’s predicted that this year about 4 thousand hectares of Olive will be harvested from the province Golestan fruitful gardens that One thousand 500 tons will be canned and 2 thousand 500 tons will be used for edible Olive oil production,” said Morteza Sadeghi.

This official stated that the amount of Olive oil production is about 500 tons by the oil factories of the province Golestan.

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