09 Nov

California: Wine/olive growers get a free break

County supervisors, in an effort to support wineries and olive growers, are lowering the amount of transportation fees growers are required to pay.

The fee will be based only on the square footage of the commercial use area, such as wine/olive oil tasting and sales facilities. The processing facilities or light industrial component will be considered an agricultural activity and won’t be charged a traffic fee.

Contra Costa County has a rich agricultural history. We want to make sure it also has a rich agricultural future,” said Supervisor Mary Piepho in a press release. “This policy is one way in which we as county leaders can support that goal.

“I have been working very closely with our local farmers in Contra Costa County to develop this new policy. We have modeled this program after other counties with similar urban environments, yet a strong farming history.”

Piepho and staff have worked with the Olive and Grape Growers Association and other East County growers to gain an understanding of their growing season and processes, along with the associated impacts to the county road system.

For more information, call Piepho’s Brentwood Office at 240-7260.

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