11 May

Mario Camacho Foods: Schnucks issues olive recall

Olive lovers, there’s a recall you need to know about.

Mario Camacho Foods has announced a voluntary recall of Schnucks brand Spanish olives in the 5.75 ounce jars.

Jars with the best by code of 02/06/11 and UPC code of 04131819003 may contain glass. There have been no reports of injury.

Customers with questions should contact Mario Camacho Foods at 1-800-293-9783 or the Schnucks Consumer Affairs Department at 314-994-4000 or 1-800-264-4000

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  1. Pam McCoy Says:

    I opened a can of black olives for dinner and they taste like gasoline.The bottom can info is cs best by sept 23 2013 06:38. Mario Black Olives Sliced 3.8 oz

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