14 May

The good oil on a top Australian’s crop

By Michelle Fenech,

It’s harvest season for olive growers in Wollondilly with Danny and Aydin Fahri having more than 20 tonnes to crop.

Mr Fahri said he was getting good quality olives this year after recent rainfall in the shire.

“Usually my trees don’t look so healthy,” he said.
“And I’ve never had a full dam at the end of summer.”

When the Fahris bought their property on Razorback in 1998 there was not a tree on site.

Since then they have planted more than 1000 olive trees and produce olive oil, haloumi and ricotta cheese, lemon and mandarin cordial, apples, stone fruit, figs, pesto, spreads and jams.

Mrs Fahri said her husband, born in Northern Cyprus, has had a green thumb all his life.

“I think it’s in his blood,” she said.
“He just loves his gardening.”

April and May are the Fahris’ busiest time of year with olives ready to be picked.

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