23 Jun

the only olive harvester in the market that actually puts the olives in a bin

By Chloe Warburton,

Harvest time usually conjures up images of workers picking olives over the space of a long day, but technology has created a new and quick way to bring the crops in.

Max Boyle, owner and manager of Oil Hydraulics in Shepparton, has hit the jackpot with his OCCA Olive Harvester, a machine that attaches to the front of a tractor and shakes olives off trees to catch them in a net.

Oil Hydraulics has been making the machine for more than five years now, and this year has been their most successful.

“This year, we’ve only got one left, we’ve sold out,” Mr Boyle said.

“It’s the only olive harvester in the market that actually puts the olives in a bin.

“When the net fills up, it can be placed over a bin and the bottom drops out so they all go in.

“It’s catered for a need in the market – it’s hit that niche spot.

“Some can’t afford the big harvesters, but they can buy one of our machines and own it for themselves.

“It does about 300 trees a day.”

The harvester takes only five minutes to attach, and a dash mounted or hand-held remote is used to control it.

The grower can see everything that’s going on as the tree is shaken, a feature which Mr Boyle said was appealing.

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4 Responses to “the only olive harvester in the market that actually puts the olives in a bin”

  1. Chris King & Jeremy Keast Says:

    Having purchased an olive harvester from Max Boyle (Oil Hydraulics) in 2006 Barracuda Olive Harvesting in Western Australia invites olive growers to contact us via email for some honest, no punches pulled feedback. Myself or Jeremy would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.


  2. yaser m Says:


    we need olive harvester
    The soil is sandy soil.

    We do not want the shaker handle type. :

    1- Side pass comb harvester.

    2- Straddle harvesters

    pls. send your type of your olive harvester machine

  3. Merridy Says:

    Hi can you please send me more information on the olive harvester please.
    Is is suitable for nuts (pistachio)

  4. Philip Says:

    I am very interested in your olive harvester. We have 2000 olive trees coming into fruit early next year. We will need a mechanical harvester. Please email specs, info & pictures – Philip

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