14 Jul

A Thousand Wrestlers and Two Tons of Olive Oil

Every summer for the last 650 years, Turkish men have gathered to see who was the strongest, fastest and slickest of them all. It’s called Kirkpinar, and it’s the biggest oil wrestling competition in the world.

The well-muscled men face off in the middle of a grassy field, as a crowd of thousands looks on eagerly. Slowly, methodically, they cover their chests and legs with olive oil — first with the right hand, then with the left. Then they take turns oiling each others’ backs.

Then the fun begins: Turkey’s annual Kirkpinar festival, the highlight of the Turkish sporting calendar, is a three-day orgy of oil wrestling. Known as “yagli gures” (pronounced “yaw-luh gresh”), the slippery sport is considered by some to be the Turkish national game.

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4 Responses to “A Thousand Wrestlers and Two Tons of Olive Oil”

  1. Diego Says:

    What a crazy costume!! I never heard about that in my hole life. I´ll be the next winner. lolololool!!!

  2. Caterware Says:

    Do they not actually roast in the sun covered in all that oil? I bet they have nice, soft skin.

  3. turkish men Says:

    you can not understand

  4. julia Says:

    Wow! He looks hottt! His wife surely is blessed if the personality is anything like the look.

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