20 Jul

Olive Oil-Derived Squalane Offers Eco-Friendly Relief For Sensitive Skin

Mediomega Nutrition, the North American leader in promoting the health benefits of the Mediterranean diet, announced a breakthrough in skin rejuvenation with the release of its olive oil-derived squalane (pronounced skwal-on) formula — Mediomega(TM) Squalane.

Squalane is a lipid component of the skin that declines with age and exposure to the sun and extreme weather. Applying squalane regularly will help reduce damage and rejuvenate the skin. Unlike synthetic moisturizers that only temporarily moisturize the top layer of skin, squalane penetrates to the deepest layer of skin, aiding regeneration.

Studies also show that squalane helps reduce wrinkles, heal chapped or dry skin, and positively affect skin rashes, such as eczema. Squalane is used as an ingredient in most top skincare products due to its light, non-greasy texture and powerful hydrating capabilities. However, recent studies revealing the negative effects of synthetic ingredients also contained in these formulas has prompted leading dermatologists to recommend that their patients only use pure squalane. Mediomega Squalane is highly purified, so it does not aggravate even the most sensitive skin.

“People with all types of skin challenges see results in a matter of days,” said Newport Beach, California physician Dr. Robin Willcourt. “I even know lupus patients with the difficult skin issues arising from this condition that get relief with Mediomega Squalane.”

Mediomega does not source its squalane from shark livers or byproducts, the typical source of squalane for most cosmetics currently in use by millions of people. Shark-derived squalane is also the target of environmental activist groups seeking to protect ocean resources. Instead, Mediomega provides a vegetarian source of squalane extracted from Spanish olive oil.

“It’s unnecessary to harm our eco-system to achieve beautiful, healthy skin,” said Todd Parker, Managing Partner of Mediomega Nutrition. “There are many more beautiful, healthy olives in Spain than there are sharks in the sea, so why not utilize the bounty of nature instead of contributing to the decline of endangered species?”

Mediomega products are available through the nation’s premier online retailers and through direct-to-consumer catalogs. For more information call 866-663-4232 or go to: www.mediomega.com

About MediOmega Nutrition: Founded in 2006 by Todd Edward Parker, MediOmega is a brand of 3Care Therapeutics, LLC, a company dedicated to providing consumers with proven, science-based approaches to improving their health. MediOmega offers the first and only comprehensive nutritional system based on the heart-healthy Mediterranean nutrient pattern. All MediOmega formulas are made with premium ingredients and produced in state-of-the-art, Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)-certified facility.

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