24 Nov

New design for Oloves

By Catherine Dawes,

Cowan London has redesigned the packaging for a range of olive snacks called Oloves.

Oloves are the first natural olive snack to be packaged in a stand-up pouch. The pouches use a silver laminate, are wider than they are tall and contain 45g of olives.

“The redesign focused on giving the brand personality and making it fun for consumers,” said Cowan client services director Charlotte Gorringe-Serrano.

Cowan created a logo that resembles a love heart, bearing the slogan ‘a little love in every olive’. The different variants have names such as Lemony lover and Hot Chili Mama and are intended to be reminiscent of ‘lonely hearts’ adverts.

The packs feature Skype addresses, which customers can use to make calls to the fictional characters representing each product.

The pouches are produced by Oloves owner Brand Stand at its facilities in Seville, Spain.

Oloves are available from Asda and WH Smith stores and go on sale on Eurostar trains next month.

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