25 Nov

Lebanon, Sidon’s Khan al-Franj puts spotlight on olives

By Mohammed Zaatari,

Sidon’s renowned Khan al-Franj souk hosted an Olive Day over the weekend, during which farmers from several southern communities gathered to learn about ways to plant olive trees and extract oil, while displaying several items related to the fruit.

The event was part of the weekly Souk al-Ared (Land Market) activity organized by the Hariri Foundation in cooperation with two Italian bodies, the Institute for University Cooperation (ICU) and Ecodeep, in addition to Slow Food, an  international organization.

“This activity aims to raise farmers’ awareness over ways to sow olive trees and fill olive oil in a healthy way while offering them instructive conferences about olive cultivation,” Myriam Abu Haidar, operation manager at Slow Food, told The Daily Star. “This two-day festival includes handwork from olive derivatives, including soap, carved wood and cosmetics.”

“It also includes pickled olives and labneh with olive oil,” she added.

Majida Mcheik of the ICU said the association participated in the exhibition in order to share with farmers better ways to press olives and distinguish between what she described as “virgin and excellent olive oil.”

“This exhibition also informs farmers of the appropriate techniques to promote their production, while also informing the public of ways to make sure of the good quality of the oil they are buying,” she added.

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