02 Apr

Olive Leaf Australia extracting healthy growth

By Alex Tilbury,

There’s an olive grove in Coominya, near Wivenhoe Dam, with 550,000 trees in it producing an Olive Leaf Extract that’s a global hot seller, in Australia alone, $1 million in product is sold every month.

julian-archer-inspects-his-olive-treesA powerful antioxidant, 400 % more potent than vitamin C, the extract has many benefits for health and wellbeing, ranging from maintaining a healthy heart and cardiovascular system to improving quality of sleep and energy levels.

As the economic downturn curbs spending worldwide on discretionary goods, the health sector appears immune to the devastating effects of the global slowdown.

Olive Leaf Australia is owned by health enthusiasts Ray and Julian Archer, who spent years travelling the world researching the powerful extract of the olive leaf.

In 2001 they became so convinced of its healing qualities that they began bottling and selling it.

Never did they imagine that a few short years later their backyard business would morph into the world’s largest specialised olive leaf grove and the extract would triumph as a multimillion-dollar international business.

“These days health is more important than wealth and people are prepared to invest in their health, even when they’re seeing their wealth eroded, but they still want to be smart about it,” says Mr Archer, 39.

“Our customers find the Olive Leaf Extract has a very broad spectrum of healing benefits, so they tend to cut back on buying a range of different supplements or tonics and are opting for a health tonic that will work broadly for the whole family.”

Worldwide sales for Olive Leaf Australia’s extract were up 40 per cent in the last quarter of 2008 compared with the same period in 2007, on the back of little marketing and a heavy reliance on word of mouth.

Olive Leaf Australia’s US-based partner distributes health supplements into more than 5000 health food stores across the US so they again expect a rapid jump in sales.

“The bottom line is, the Olive Leaf Extract works and every day more people become as convinced as we are of its innumerable health benefits.”

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