02 Apr

Olive Oil Spreads, an Healthy Substitute for Butter & Margarine

Dr. Eger Launches a Revolutionary line of Olive Oil Spreads that is based on a Technology Breakthrough that Maintains the Fatty Acid Composition.

olive-oil-spread-by-doctor-egerUsing a patented oil solidification process, which retains their original properties of all of the ingredients, Dr. Eger announced today the launch of new and healthy olive oil spreads which come in a variety of flavors (natural, garlic, basil, oregano, lemon and non-dairy butter) targeted for the American Baby Boomers market.

The spreads include functional ingredients such as Omega-3 fatty acids to preserve and provide great health benefits.

We have worked for over a decade to develop healthy olive oil products” said Dr. Shaul Eger, founder and CEO of Dr. Eger. “Studies have demonstrated that people in Mediterranean countries are often healthier due to their high olive oil consumption, Our Olive Oil Spreads are a tasty way to promote the consumption of olive oil in the US and Europe“.

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  1. Rose Cogan Says:

    Please tell me where one can buy your products–both food and cosmetics. Thank you

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