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07 Nov

Special bottling for Turkish olive oil

By Vahap Munyar, Recent days have witnessed a debate between Turkish olive oil exporters and non-refined olive oil producers regarding imports. Non-refined oil producers oppose the exporters, who want to import cheap Spanish olive oil and export it under their own brand names. Turkish Exporters’ Assembly (TİM) President Oğuz Satıcı tried to reconcile the two […]

24 Oct

Italian brand enters Bulgaria’s Olive Oil market

Bulgarian distribution company Avendi, part of BM Holding, entered the Bulgarian olive oil market with the Italian brand Filippo Berio, said Bogdana Kroumova, manager of the company’s Foods division, as quoted by Dnevnik daily on October 24. The Filippo Berio product series was positioned in the higher price range and was aimed at retail stores, […]

08 Oct

Turkish historic olive oil factory ‘reborn’ as museum

A historical building which served as an olive oil factory for 200 years and was later used as camel shelter, a gin factory and woodshed in Muğla’s Milas district will be converted, with the help of the Milas Museum project, into what will be the most modern museum in the Aegean, luring both local and […]

08 Oct

Drought to seal fate of Turkey’s black gold

Drought adversely affected agriculture everywhere around the Mediterranean this year and vegetable production has suffered one of its worst seasons. Livelihood of millions in the Marmara and Aegean regions of Anatolia, olive production has dropped dramatically due to scourging heat. The production of the olive, commonly described as “black gold” in many provinces across Anatolia’s […]

06 Oct

Producers, exporters clash on Turkish olive oil import

Olive oil producers and exporters who demand a one-year permission to import olive oil have clashed on the issue of whether exporters should be allowed to do so. While exporters want to import olive oil in order not to lose their international market share, producers object to the prospect on grounds that it would harm […]