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08 Dec

Croatia’s olive oil producers fight quantity with quality

Croatian olive farmer Sandi Chiavalon has high hopes of taking on the might and quantity of Greece, Italy and Spain with the quality of oil from his groves. The three European giants may account for more than three-quarters of global olive oil production, but Chiavalon is one of many young Croatian entrepreneurs readying their produce […]

18 Aug

Century-old olive trees saved by young businessman

Sedat Kirt, Shocked by the destruction of a forest of ancient olive trees amid the environmental degradation of a coal mine, a young businessman from Datça has initiated an extraordinary eco-project. Building engineer Timur Kabaklarlı, 32, now owns 1,500 olive trees after seeing the centuries-old trees being cut for coal mining. During a business trip […]

14 Jul

A Thousand Wrestlers and Two Tons of Olive Oil

Every summer for the last 650 years, Turkish men have gathered to see who was the strongest, fastest and slickest of them all. It’s called Kirkpinar, and it’s the biggest oil wrestling competition in the world. The well-muscled men face off in the middle of a grassy field, as a crowd of thousands looks on […]

23 Jun

Harmony of Turkish cuisine with olive oil

Max Thomae, a famous chef at the Mövenpick Hotel, says a good olive oil enriches the flavor of food. Before creating the concept of “blond flavors,” he conducted long and detailed research on oils and their proper pairing with food. He describes olive oil as a culture and uses it in every food and in […]

03 Jun

Head Of IOOC Suggests Olive Cultivation In Southeast Turkey

The head of an international olive council recommended on Friday that Turkey should cultivate olive in the Southeastern Anatolia Project (GAP) region. GAP is a multi-sector and integrated regional development effort approached in the context of sustainable development covering nine provinces including Adiyaman, Batman, Diyarbakir, Gaziantep, Kilis, Mardin, Siirt, Sanliurfa and Sirnak in the basins […]