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13 Dec

Offering a taste of Chilean gold

Judith Snively, importer, promoter and distributor of the Kardámili line of olive oils, holds a tasting demonstration in the specialty foods section of Spec’s in Midtown. About $340,000 of Chilean olive oil was imported to the U.S. this year through September. By Jelania Moreno, At the Spec’s store in Midtown, Houstonian Stefanos Giannaris tasted bread […]

14 Nov

Embrapa tests Moroccan olive tree cultivation

By Isaura Daniel, Translated by Gabriel Pomerancblum, Approximately one year ago, the Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation (Embrapa) planted 40 different types of olive trees in the Brazilian semi-arid. The seedlings came from eight different countries, including Morocco. In 2008, they should begin bearing fruits, which will attest to the viability of olive planting in the […]

20 Jun

In Paso, oil and wine can mix

By Jeanne Kinney, Joshua Yaguda, co-owner of Pasolivo Olive Oil, is proving that Paso Robles is more than wine country. Yaguda, his wife, Joeli, and his mother, Karen Guth, run the 140-acre Willow Creek Olive Ranch, where each year about 50 laborers are able to hand-pick up to 10 tons of olives a day. After […]

13 Jun

Olives, emus and snails power Chile’s move into health markets

By Paul Harris, Olivier Leleux shades his eyes from the intense Chilean sun while riding horseback through olive groves on a mountain near Catemu in Chile’s Aconcagua Valley, an hour north of Santiago. This is perfect olive country, he says: it has no olive fly (which harms fruit) and the extreme day-night temperature difference is […]