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15 Dec

Argentina’s olive exports set new record

Argentina’s olive and olive oil exports set a new record of 148 million U.S. dollars in the first ten months of this year, local media reported Sunday. From January to October, Argentina exported 76,300 tons of olives, with a net profit of 98.5 million dollars, Argentine authorities said. Olive exports and the net profit rose […]

09 Oct

Peruvian olives facing the United States market

According to estimates of the Foreign Trade Institute of Spain, United States consumes about 170,000 tons of olives annually, which accounts for over half a kilo per habitant. That could be explained because of the higher conscience of Americans about healthy products as well as the new preferences for exotic products. Therefore, olives are consumed […]

17 Feb

Chili: 6,000-year-old seasoning?

Scientists found fossil evidence that ancient Americans from southern Peru up to the Bahamas were cultivating varieties of chilies about 6,000 years ago.

23 Jan

WTO to investigate EU complaint against Mexico over olive oil duties

GENEVA: The World Trade Organization has begun an investigation into a complaint brought by the European Union that Mexico has charged illegal duties on EU olive oil, officials said Tuesday. The EU lodged an initial complaint to the Geneva-based trade arbitration body in December, after months of negotiations between Brussels and Mexico failed to resolve […]

19 Dec

Mexico Blocks Probe of Olive Oil Duties

Mexico has temporarily blocked a World Trade Organization investigation into whether duties it imposes on European olive oil violate international commerce rules, officials said Tuesday. However, an investigative panel will automatically be established next month, if the 25-nation European Union repeats its complaint at the WTO’s dispute settlement body, trade officials said. The move to […]