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21 Nov

Israel: Sharp drop in olive harvest

Olive oil prices are expected to rise on tight supply. This year’s olive harvest is expected to be much smaller than in 2006, amounting to 15,000 tons, compared with 40,000 tons. One reason for the poor harvest was last year’s drought. Hani Hahashan of Kfar Marar, who won the Israel Olive Board’s “Outstanding olive oil” […]

18 Nov

Two very different takes on Lebanon’s love affair with olive oil

By Christian Porth, Every year from early November until late January, farmers throughout Lebanon engage in the timeless ballet that is the olive harvest. Dating back to the Phoenicians in the 3rd century, the production of olive oil has remained one of Lebanon’s oldest industries. With olive oil a key ingredient in most traditional Lebanese […]

07 Nov

Forest Fires Destroy Woodlands, Olive Groves In Lebanon

Fires have destroyed dozens of hectares of woodlands across Lebanon, just weeks after earlier forest fires devastated mountainous parts of the country, an army spokesman said Wednesday. “A total of 1,542 dunums (154 hectares) were destroyed on Tuesday and Wednesday morning, in addition to the 807 dunums (81 hectares) burnt on Monday,” the spokesman told […]

05 Nov

Lebanon: Chouf residents rush to buy imported olive ‘wood’

By Maher Zeineddine, A new type of “firewood” is flooding the Chouf market this autumn as residents, preparing for the coming winter, rush to buy a Turkish-style composite made primarily from olive pits. According to Kamil Halabi, a Chouf resident, the “‘2007 firewood,’ as we are calling it, is very effective and a money-saver.” “Each […]

30 Oct

Iran’s olive groves have increased.

An Iranian agriculture official has announced that an extra 10,000 acres have been added to Iran’s olive groves over the past 13 years. “The total area that the country’s olive groves cover has grown from 3,000 acres in 1995 to over 13,000 acres,” said Jahangir Arab. “The number olive processing factories has also increased from […]