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27 Mar

IOTEX 2008 brings world olive producers to Jordan

Olive traders from 12 countries flocked to the recently concluded International Olive Products and Technology Exhibition and Forum (IOTEX 2008) at the Amman Motor Show to develop a cooperative spirit, exchange expertise and put the international olive industry on a higher pedestal. Around 100 merchants from Jordan, Palestine, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Italy, Greece, France Turkey, […]

04 Jan

Olive-press owners allege lack of government support

By Maher Zeineddine, As olive presses in the mountainous Chouf region witness excessive activity with the fruit’s harvest season coming to an end and weather conditions getting worse, press owners are criticizing the government’s failure to set up marketing plans for their products. Every year from early November until late January, farmers throughout Lebanon engage […]

17 Dec

USAID-Workshop for 40 Yemenis held to improve olive production, harvest

The US Agency for International Development (USAID) organized during the period from 15th to 17th for 40 trainees from the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation and different governorates on means of improving olive production and harvest. The workshop also aimed at enlighten participants on the theoretical and practical aspects of olive production and maintenance of […]

10 Dec

Iran: The autarky coefficient of the oily seeds has had an increase by 20%

Reported By: Mojgan Sattar, Translated By: Aref Mohammadzadeh, The autarky coefficient of oily seeds has to increase by the end of the fourth development program (2009) with an emphasis on Olive. “The increase rate of oily seeds was not acceptable that has to be revived,” said in a special conversation with IANA’s reporter. “According to […]

29 Nov

USAID-funded training helps growers improve quality of olive harvest

Palestinian Growers Boost Production of Premium Olive Oil By Grace Bradley, Jerusalem — “Don’t think of it as oil. What you’re tasting is freshly squeezed olive juice,” says Ali Anabtawi, a U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) partner and manager of Near East Industries and Trade, a company that blends and bottles virgin olive oil […]