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10 Dec

Olive harvest unaffected by snow in Spain

Snow falling across Spain has not harmed the olive crop in the world’s largest producer or significantly slowed the ongoing harvest, a farm union said. Spanish television has broadcast pictures in recent days of snowbound olive pickers in southern region Andalucia, which accounts for most of Spain’s olive oil output and by itself far surpasses […]

17 Nov

Spanish Olive’s Industry could be hit by the desertification

Winemakers in Spain could soon find themselves scrambling for juicy red grapes. People may also find olives and cheese missing from their salad plates. The olive and grape farms that thrived in the balmy Mediterranean could become relics of the past with countries like Spain facing the prospect of desertification. Almost 35 per cent of […]

30 Oct

Turning Waste Olive Stones Into Bioethanol

Olive stones (pits) could be the newest ethanol feedstock used in Spain and could give the olive processing industry an opportunity to turn the 4 million tons of olive stones it generates every year into a valuable asset. Researchers from the Universities of Jaén and Granada have now shown how this can be achieved in […]

28 Oct

Sarah Palin and the olive fruit fly research

last week, Sarah Palin gave her first policy speech, urging the federal government to fully fund the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. Along the way, she too attacked science earmarks by claiming that the shortfall needed to fully fund the act was less money than was allocated to projects that have “little or nothing to […]

22 Oct

Family traditions and olive milling

By PJ Bremier, “I’ve got 38 of the most wonderful olive trees and they produce tremendously,” Jim Simon says gleefully as he looks forward to his annual olive-pressing party in November. That’s when Simon, owner of the Building Supply Center in Point Reyes Station, and his wife, Linda, spread out a festive Tuscan feast and […]