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18 Aug

Century-old olive trees saved by young businessman

Sedat Kirt, Shocked by the destruction of a forest of ancient olive trees amid the environmental degradation of a coal mine, a young businessman from Datça has initiated an extraordinary eco-project. Building engineer Timur Kabaklarlı, 32, now owns 1,500 olive trees after seeing the centuries-old trees being cut for coal mining. During a business trip […]

17 Aug

Create energy by burning olive pits

by Jennifer Wadsworth, A local olive cannery with help from a private inventor has found a way to simultaneously create energy and recycle salty sewer water — by burning olive pits. Heat from burned pits boils blackened sewage into steam that spins a 104-year-old engine outside Musco Family Olive Co., a plant on the southern […]

28 Jul

Grower trials unusual frost protector

Spraying olive trees with a natural product from sugar beet has successfully stopped some varieties of olive trees in the South Island being knocked by frosts. Alex Houliston, head of science at Christchurch Girls’ High School, took a year off teaching high school to study the frost problem in his own orchard. Some olive orchards […]

28 Jul

Healthy Olives Can Now Be Grown In Salty Water

Varieties of olive trees recently tested by researchers could be cultivated with moderate saline water irrigation. The olive’s reputation as a health food is being borne out by modern science, as studies of olive-consuming Mediterranean peoples have shown. To keep the world’s olive lovers satisfied, an intensive wave of olive planting has occurred in the […]

23 Jun

the only olive harvester in the market that actually puts the olives in a bin

By Chloe Warburton, Harvest time usually conjures up images of workers picking olives over the space of a long day, but technology has created a new and quick way to bring the crops in. Max Boyle, owner and manager of Oil Hydraulics in Shepparton, has hit the jackpot with his OCCA Olive Harvester, a machine […]