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21 May

Shaking up the olive harvest

For thousands of years, olives have proved a difficult and labour-intensive crop to harvest, but a Moutere grower thought there has to be a better way. Anne Hardie visits a grower who has a knack for inventions. Harvesting olives can be a labour-intensive process that has been just about begging for a bit of Kiwi […]

21 May

Mineral oil in land of the olive

By Nikos Xydakis, Although many jokes have been made about the sunflower oil contamination scandal, it is no laughing matter. It is not even an isolated incident, because along with the contaminated oil from Ukraine, we are also seeing large quantities of sunflower oil from Belgium – the heart of the European Union – being […]

11 May

Olive Oil Yields Soar with nuclear magnetic resonance

By Cynthia Graber, By correlating fruit color with oil content measured via nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), growers can find the optimal time to harvest their olives. Olive oil producers generally guess the best time to harvest their olives by checking the fruit’s color. The olive has to hit that perfect spot where they’ve just turned […]

27 Apr

Origin of Olives in South Africa

In 1902, after completing his studies at Saint Illario Agricultural College in Genoa, Ferdinando Costa arrived in Cape Town to assist his brother Raphael, who had set up a successful nursery in Wynberg. After a few years, Ferdinando was able to obtain his own small piece of land opposite the new Fernwood Estate in Newlands […]

27 Apr

Interview with VN Dalmia, President of the Indian Olive Oil Association

President Dalmia, India decided to invest so much in olive oil market. Somebody is talking about a new Olive orchard model in the area called Rajasthan. Particularly they are intentioned to invest using very modern and high technologically irrigated systems. Why are you spending so much attention to olive cultivation? In reality, I do not […]