21 May

Mineral oil in land of the olive

By Nikos Xydakis,

Although many jokes have been made about the sunflower oil contamination scandal, it is no laughing matter.

olive oil healthIt is not even an isolated incident, because along with the contaminated oil from Ukraine, we are also seeing large quantities of sunflower oil from Belgium – the heart of the European Union – being withdrawn from the market for being “potentially dangerous.”

There is only one conclusion to be drawn from this chain of mishaps: The cycle of trade, distribution and manufacture is governed by criminal indifference and incompetence. Those responsible are also numerous: First and foremost there are the manufacturers, who are either incapable or reluctant to check the quality of their raw materials and certainly unwilling to inform the public of any mistakes in good time.

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One Response to “Mineral oil in land of the olive”

  1. Tony Sansone Says:

    There are EVOOs from Italy on the shelves for purchase right now that are a blend of what appears to be refined olive oil and sunflower oil. However, the Italians do not have the market on adulterated oils cornered. In any country that produces or packs olive oil, you will find those willing to cheat. I was in Spain in the 1980s when hundreds of people were killed by tainted olive oil sold by crooks. It will happen again one day. If you are buying EVOO, ask the seller or producer for a lab report on the quality of the oil. Any honest person in the oil business will gladly provide you with this information. I do a battery of quality reports for my EVOO. I also do a complete set of food safety tests on my EVOO. All are available to my customers. Do some consumer research on the EVOO you buy. It is the only way to make sure you are eating a healthful food.

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