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05 Nov

Lebanon: Chouf residents rush to buy imported olive ‘wood’

By Maher Zeineddine, A new type of “firewood” is flooding the Chouf market this autumn as residents, preparing for the coming winter, rush to buy a Turkish-style composite made primarily from olive pits. According to Kamil Halabi, a Chouf resident, the “‘2007 firewood,’ as we are calling it, is very effective and a money-saver.” “Each […]

05 Nov

Give a live olive tree as a gift from Lindsay Olives

By Guy Keeler, You can give the symbol of peace and goodwill this holiday season — and help needy people around the world — by giving live olive trees to the green thumbs on your Christmas list. Lindsay Olives, a division of Bell-Carter Foods Inc., is offering manzanilla olive trees to gift givers through the […]

03 Nov

Vigilance saves olive trees from infestation

By Julie Kaufmann (Mercury News) Our stories about home-cured olives and the widespread infestation of the olive fruit fly in our area (Food & Wine, Oct. 24) brought a phone call from Phil Cosentino, who retired from the family grocery business and now grows and sells fruit from more than 500 trees on two acres […]

03 Nov

120000 hectares of increase in world’s Olive cultivation

Every year 120 thousand hectares is added to the Olive cultivation areas in the world! Translated By Aref Mohammadzadeh, “Currently about 10 million hectares of farmlands is under Olive cultivation,” said Habib Al Seid, executive head of the International Olive Council (IOC), referring to the increasing cultivation area of Olive in the world. “The main […]

30 Oct

Investors sought for olive mine site project

An initiative which works to regenerate contaminated mining land by planting olive groves could spread to disused mine sites around the world. Broken Hill’s Gourmet Products cooperative, in far western New South Wales, is currently calling for investors and has lodged a patent on the regenerating properties of the olive groves which until now has […]