17 Jul

Salty Bites

By Gillian Hirst, WILD olives have been collected and eaten by humans since Neolithic times. Cultivation is not thought to have begun until 3000BC, in or around Palestine or Syria. You can trace the spread of the olive through the remains of ancient olive mills, storage jars and olive stones found throughout Greece, Italy, the […]

14 Jul

Growing your own olives

With Jenny Watts, The graceful olive tree captures the exotic beauty and fabulous flavor of the Mediterranean. This tree offers evergreen beauty, fragrant spring blooms, plenty of succulent fruit, and a distinctive look for any sunny spot. Olive trees were introduced to California by the Franciscan fathers who planted the “Mission” olive. Dozens of other […]

18 Jun


By A.E. Stallings Sometimes a craving comes for salt, not sweet, For fruits that you can eat Only if pickled in a vat of tears— A rich and dark and indehiscent meat Clinging tightly to the pit—on spears Of toothpicks, maybe, drowned beneath a tide Of vodka and vermouth, Rocking at the bottom of a […]

18 Jun

Fount of olives

By Claire MacDonald Olives are eaten year round, but somehow they epitomise Mediter- ranean tastes redolent of summer warmth and sun. I love both green and black olives, but I confess that black ones are my favourites and of those I like Kalamata olives best.The superb taste of their juicy flesh makes them superior to […]

18 Jun

How to Cure Olives? The Easy Way!

By Barbara from Winosandfoodies Pick olives from tree. Poke each olives with a metal skewer a couple of times. This helps release the bitter juices. Place olives in container, toss in a handful of rock salt and cover with water. Place a plate on top to hold olives under water. The amount of salt will […]