11 Dec

BGU, Beduin make modern olive press

By Judy Siegel-Itzkovich, Ben-Gurion University researchers have launched a unique collaboration with Beduin entrepreneurs to develop a modern olive press in the Negev- just in time for the olive harvest. For the past two years, the Beersheba researchers have had professional ties with Negev Beduin in the production of olive oil. The multi-disciplinary BGU team […]

15 Nov

PA Squeezes Out Millions of Dollars from Olive Harvest

By Hana Levi Julian, Tens of thousands of acres in Judea and Samaria are blanketed with olive groves that now are bare of their fruit as one of the most successful harvest seasons in history draws to a close. Palestinian Authority Arab farmers earned estimated revenues of more than $140 million from this year’s olive […]

08 Sep

Is your Olive Oil pure?

By Judy Siegel-Itzkovich, You may think you’re buying pure olive oil, but some suppliers are adulterating it with cheaper oils. Now the Bactochem lab in Nes Ziona (Israel) has developed a technique to identify olive oil that has been mixed with other oils, even at levels of only 5%. Moshe Heller, who developed the technique, […]

07 Aug

one of the oldest and largest olive press was discovered in northern Israel

An ancient olive-oil production complex dating from the 6th-7th Centuries CE , one of the largest ever exposed in Israel was discovered at Ahihud, in excavations conducted by the Israel Antiquities Authority. A unique and impressive complex for producing oil that dates to the Byzantine period, which is also one of the largest uncovered in […]

28 Jul

Only John Paul’s Olive Tree Flourishes on Mount

An olive tree on the Mount of Beatitudes blessed by Pope John Paul II is the only one producing olives this year, according to the forester at the site. Catholic Online reports in the Jubilee Year of 2000, Pope John Paul II made a pilgrimage to the Holy Land stopping at one point to bless […]