19 Oct

13ème année consécutive de cueillette conjointe des olives en Galilée

C’est la 13ème année consécutive de cueillette conjointe : druzes, arabes, circassiens, bédouins ou israéliens de Galilée se retrouvent sous les oliviers durant les 3 week-ends exceptionnels de ce Festival internationalement reconnu depuis le Canada, les Etats-Unis ou la France, puisque de nombreux touristes y participent parfois très activement, parfois simplement lors de repas festifs […]

18 Oct

Simchon promises to put end to Palestinian olive tree destruction

Agriculture Minister Shalom Simchon announced on Thursday that he planned to fight the destruction of olive trees belonging to Palestinians by Jewish settlers. Simchon made his comments after meeting with the Palestinian Authority’s Olive Council head, Army Radio reported. The minister promised him that he would formulate a plan of action in the matter in […]

30 Sep

Due to poor Israeli harvest, olive oil prices to rise 20 percent

By Amiram Cohen , The price of high-quality olive oil produced in Israel is expected to rise by 20 percent in the coming months, and reach NIS 40 to NIS 50 per liter. The reason for the price increase is a poor olive harvest this year, as a result of last year’s dry winter and […]

25 Sep

Turning olive pits into energy

After you’ve enjoyed a tangy olive, don’t throw away the pit – it could soon be providing a clean, green answer to heat and electricity production, thanks to technology developed by Israeli start-up Genova, now setting up its first pilot plant. The company, which was founded in September 2004, is headquartered in the northern town […]

23 Sep

Israeli firms eye olive farming in Maharashtra, India

Israeli businessmen see Maharashtra as a destination for olive farming and want nearly 2,000 hectares of wasteland for starting up olive farming in the Maharashtra. A delegation of businessmen led by Israeli consul general (commercial) Daniel Zohar Zoshine met state revenue minister Narayan Rane and made a request to provide nearly 2,000 hectares of wasteland […]