06 Aug

Olive extract may improve quality of life for arthritis sufferers

By Stephen Daniells, Supplementation with an olive extract decreased pain and inflammation, and improved the quality of life of people suffering from osteoarthritis, claims a new study. Writing in the new issue of the journal Nutrition Research, researchers from Arizona State University and California-based company CreAgri report that the supplements also had the added benefit […]

01 Aug

Australia: Olive oil, Greek food halve heart deaths

By Tamara McLean, Australians who regularly eat a Mediterranean-style diet rich in olive oil, vegetables and light cheese are halving their risk of dying from heart disease, research shows. The benefits of the diet are well documented in Greece and Italy but a newly released Melbourne study has confirmed the same benefits can be reaped […]

01 Aug

Once a luxury, now the zesty olive is indispensable

By Judy Schultz, Photo by Chris Schwarz, When I was little, olives were reserved for special occasions. Only New Year’s Eve and visiting priests rated stuffed olives, the queen of all pickles. The advent of Kraft Theatre on television moved olives down a notch or two on the specialness scale. Suddenly, everybody’s mom was using […]

29 Jul

Italy: Clean Energy derived from olives and grapevines in Chianti

Tuscany’s 12 hills to become centre of biomass production – Chianti could become a production centre for renewable biomass energy thanks to an abundance of vegetable by-products from the cultivation of olives and grapes, in addition to livestock and wood farming. The University of Florence already has an experimental project in place to study eventual […]

24 Jul

UK: Extra virgin is the essential oil and sales hit new high as taste rules

By Martyn McLaughlin, It is revered by chefs as the finest olive oil money can buy, and now Britain’s consumers are choosing to drizzle with the extra virgin variety in record numbers. Sales of the oil reached an all-time high £71 million in the UK last year as Britons adopted a healthier Mediterranean diet. Despite […]