02 Jun

Extra Virgin – Cancer Attack

It’s been noticed by many that the people living in the Mediterranean basin have a lower than expected incidence of certain cancers. Many things have been thought to be responsible for this, climate and lifestyle, among others, but now it is believed that a diet high in extra virgin olive oil fat is the actual […]

28 May

(South Africa) Namibia: Local Olive Industry Shows Huge Promise

Wezi Tjaronda Windhoek Olive farming has great potential to become one of Namibia’s most important commercial crops. When all the olive trees growing in the areas of Swakopmund, Hochfeld, Kalahari, Omaruru, Otavi, Orange and Namibia central have reached full production, the country will produce around 74 400 litres of oil but there will still be […]

26 May

Olive Oil – The Stuff Of Museums

When you think of museums you tend to think of dry, dusty glass cases filled with old bones, or pottery. But that’s the Victorian image, and of course, museums worldwide have moved on. They’ve even moved on to the point where a theme, rather than an artifact, is honoured. Olive oil is important to the […]

22 May

Las Vegas – Gambling, Glamour and an Olive Bar…

Las Vegas is known primarily as a fun city, and so it is. But it’s not all casinos and glitz. In North Charleston Boulevard there’s an olive bar – a place where 22 varieties of olives and olive mixes can be sampled at very reasonable prices. American people have recently embraced the humble olive as […]

21 May

Extra Virgin – a Pain Killer?

Scientific research has discovered that the properties of pure extra virgin olive oil contain an ingredient that acts similarly to ibuprofen, though not so strong. Nature journal has reported that olive oil has special anti-inflamatory properties, and that it is useful in helping to combat the effects of ailments such as arthritis. The active ingredient […]