14 Sep

Sicilians olive oil maker losing faith in United States

By A. Craig Copetas, Beneath the precious fruit of an olive tree planted in 1776 outside the mountain hamlet of Sambuca di Sicilia, Giovanni Di Bennardo mops summer dust from his brow and explains how he’ll make it to America. “I will only go when I’m a rich man,” said the 29-year-old manager of Di […]

12 Sep

How To … Become an expert on olive oil

Olive oil is different from other cooking oils in many ways. The most important differences to consumers and cooks are its heart-healthful properties and its taste. Unlike vegetable oils, it has one. It can be evaluated like wine, especially extra-virgin olive oil that comes from the first pressing of olives grown in one grove or […]

11 Sep

olive oil taster by alessi of italy

When you think about it, wine and olive oil are pretty similar. both are fruits that get crushed and processed into an edible liquid. both can be affected by the breed of fruit used and by the weather and soil that the fruit grew in. lorenzo piccione, a sicilian olive oil producer, and köbi wiesendanger […]

31 Aug

Dipping bread into olive oil with red pepper flakes and thyme is a great tradition in Turkish culinary culture

It is said that there are two trees in Paradise: The fig and olive. The olive is the “Tree of Life.” The olive is no doubt an “immortal tree” that is eternalized in symbols, myths, legends, poems, novels and paintings. It is a symbol of holiness, plenty, justice, health, pride, victory, prosperity, wisdom, intelligence, purity […]

30 Aug

Harvest season comes alive with flavors from Olive Oil from Spain

Fall marks the annual olive harvest in Spain, the world’s leading producer of olive oil. Though a secret to many, Olive Oil from Spain has long been the favorite choice of leading chefs and culinary experts around the world. Karen MacNeil, one of the nation’s most sophisticated palates and noted food and wine pairing expert, […]