25 Jul

UK: Are we using too much olive oil?

By Zoe Williams, Sales of extra-virgin olive oil hit a record £71m last year, which means it now accounts for more than 30% – the largest share – of the UK oil market. These figures have led some people to conclude that we’re adopting “a healthier, Mediterranean diet”. There are as many things wrong with […]

24 Jul

UK: Extra virgin is the essential oil and sales hit new high as taste rules

By Martyn McLaughlin, It is revered by chefs as the finest olive oil money can buy, and now Britain’s consumers are choosing to drizzle with the extra virgin variety in record numbers. Sales of the oil reached an all-time high £71 million in the UK last year as Britons adopted a healthier Mediterranean diet. Despite […]

21 Jul

Gold, olive green, citrine: all colors of olive oils

By Bev Bennett, Different olive oils complement dishes. But when you’re reaching for oil to use in a salad dressing or for cooking, color isn’t the most important consideration. Instead you want oil that’s appropriate to your dish, says Alessio Carli, an olive oil and wine maker for Pietra Santa winery near Monterey Bay in […]

21 Jul

Food detective: Olives

By Sheila Keating, A firm, fruity olive is a beautiful thing, so why is it so hard to find? Purity of flavour is what olive-lovers crave, but frequently what is on offer is a plethora of antiseptic-tasting, flabby specimens, stuffed with synthetic pastes, or drenched with incongruous marinades. How do green and black olives differ? […]

14 Jun

Olives, Olives, And More Olives…

There are a sheer dizzying array of olives available on the market these days. And if you think there are just green olives and black olives, you're right, but think again – it certainly is not that simple. The different olives from different parts are completely different in every way. In the Italian riviera you […]